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i just need Gideon to get his shit together and treat Gwen a bit better,clear things up,trust her..and show her he loves her!! в *still crying* sorry for this stupid revie. As with other presidents' diaries, one gains a profound respect for the men who hold this office (regardless of political party or their individual performances) due to the never-ending litany of crises that they must navigate throug. ZaneZane (real name Kristina Roberts) is an African American author of erotic fictio. And I got a new haircut and a tattoo - I'm still cool! But now I have to go bathing suit shopping! And that's where I stoppe. Especially if I used it the first week of school to introduce book makin. But it's just a great, great story.Sins of the Child: The first really big, epic story of the serie.
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